Sensitive grain free mature salmon kibble

Advanced nutrition for mature dogs

Hypoallergenic grain-free recipe for sensitive tummies, with Gluccosamine and Chondroitin to keep joints moving.

  • For gut HEALTH
    and IMMUNITY

    to help support natural defences

    to help support gut microflora and digestive health

  • GLUCOSAMINE and CHONDROITIN for healthy joints

  • Natural ANTIOXIDANTS support healthy immune function when aging

  • Natural FIBRE for healthy digestion

We designed this hypoallergenic, grain-free recipe just for mature dogs with sensitive digestion, so they can keep those joints moving and stay active. Our salmon is highly digestible and a great source of protein and we've reduced fat, helping maintain a healthy weight (13% less fat than our sensitive recipe for adult dogs). We’ve used sweet potato for slow release energy that’s also easy on the stomach. Glucosamine and Chondroitin are here for healthy joints, and taurine to help support heart and eye health. Our paraprobiotics help support your dog's gut microflora and digestive health, and beta glucans to help support your dog's natural defences.

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