Puppy wet food chicken can

Advanced nutrition for puppies

The littlest ones need lots of support, so we’ve designed this to help develop the brain as well as healthy teeth and bones.

Chicken kibble recipe - see composition for full ingredients

  • For gut HEALTH
    and IMMUNITY

    to help support natural defences

    to help support gut microflora and digestive health

  • SALMON OIL for healthy brain development

  • CALCIUM for healthy teeth and bone development

We designed this recipe for puppies from 14 weeks to 12 months, who have specific nutritional needs for their developing muscles, skeleton and brain. Alu-trays are a good size for smaller dogs, while the can is ideal for bigger dogs. This recipe contains chicken as a great source of protein for growth and salmon oil as a rich source of DHA to support learning and cognitive development. Our paraprobiotics help support your puppy's gut microflora and digestive health, and beta glucans help support your puppy's natural defences.

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